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Welcome to The Veiled Cottage Witch

Apothecary and Holistic Healing Services

Hi, I'm Joey, The Veiled Cottage Witch. I have my Masters in Metaphysical Science, and over 25 years experience in working with Tarot, Energy, and Spell craft. I teach classes, in person or online, on Tarot, Wicca and Witchcraft, Magical Petitions, Candle Magic, and Protection Magic. I offer services online or in person in Crystal Chakra Healing, Guided Healing Imagery, Energy Reading with Tarot and Oracle, and so much more! My heart and soul goes into my herbal crafting, and I am so proud to offer them for purchase at this website. Please contact me below for any questions, or special requests. Check out The Veiled Cottage Witch on YouTube! Thanks for stopping by!


Herbal Products and Energy Work

Metaphysical Services and Apothecary

Energy Healing

All my products are made from organic materials and are created with love and intention. From tinctures to incense, we have all your magical herb needsI am also an ordained minister. Energy work through Tarot, Oracle, or Ethereal Touch available by appointment. Classes and services offered on an individual basis. Online upon request.

Herb Plants

My Herbal Products

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Tarot Cards

Classes Offered

On an Individual Basis


Daily Practice: Learn how to perfect your practice and deepen your devotion  $35

Protection Magick: Learn how and why to use protection in your personal practice  $45

Psychic Shielding: Learn the art of grounding, centering, and shielding for spiritual hygiene  $25

Spell Construction: Learn how to create your own spells from scratch and execute them accurately  $45

Tarot Spellwork: Learn to use the Tarot and Oracle to boost your magick  $45

Wheel of the Year: Take a journey of lore and ritual through each of the Witch’s Sabbats  $35

Candle and Petition Magick: Learn how to work candle magick of all kinds and compose your own petitions  $45

Introduction to Witchcraft: Learn the basics of witchcraft, energy, and magick  $45 per session/all 6 sessions for $240

Tarot Shadow Work: Explore your darker side through Tarot and Guided Imagery  $60 per session/all 4 sessions for $240

Tarot Chakra Healing: Explore and heal through the energy centers of the body and includes guided imagery  $60 per session/all 9 sessions for $480

Tarot 101: Learn the basics of Tarot reading from numerology, colors, symbolism, myths, and metaphors  $45 per class/all 5 classes for $200


Services Offered

On an Individual Basis


30 Minute Energy Reading with Tarot  $30

60 Minute Energy Reading with Tarot and Oracle  $60

Energy Cleansing: Lay back and relax and experience a full energetic auric cleanse  $75

Guided Healing Imagery: Sit or lie back and experience a guided journey through the imagination  $45

Spellwork Consultations: Tell me your intention, let’s create and set up your spell...starting at $30

Chakra Healing: Chakra balancing, cleansing, and protection  $75


Cottage Hours


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Come Sit A Spell!

Contact Us

2102 N Willow Avenue, Huachuca City, AZ 85616

(660) 596-2060

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